Partner With Paul Review

Partner with Paul is popping up in different PPC campaigns and on different websites. There is no question a move towards making money from home and earning a full time income online, but does PWP have a legitimate product that can fulfill this need? Technically the answer is yes, but that is not the whole story.

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PWP is being sold for $9.95 with a promise to charge an additional $39.95 two weeks after your initial order, at which point you are supposed to have earned way more than that. The product that is being offered by PWP is actually Herbalife. Herbalife, is a solid company with a decent product but the round about marketing methods employed by this affiliate is disturbing.

There are multiple things going on here, that you the reader should understand if you are considering this opportunity. First, Partner with Paul is gathering leads for Herbalife and ultimately someone will be trying to have you become a distributor. Secondly, Herbalife is a solid company. Lastly, if you hope to be using the PWP system to earn money online plan on spending additional money for side programs that involves filling out surveys.

PWP is a legal business that some people might enjoy, but it has been deceptive in the way that it has been portrayed. In essence, people are paying $9.95 so that they can be called by someone to become a distributor for an MLM. I hope that if you are in a position where you are looking to go online or work from home that you do your due diligence and research the opportunities you are considering.

Partner With Paul Review


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